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1. Make of embroideries by a client’s program.

2. Programming of embroideries in accordance to the client’s wishes:

  • We can make an embroidery program by picture /company’s logo, emblem etc/ You can send us a picture by E-mail, handle us a floppy-disk or a sample, which we will scan. Afterwards we will make the program in the best way for the best quality and lowest price. After making the sample, it is shown to the client for approval. We will present you an offer together with the sample. The offer includes the price of the program and the price of a piece of embroidery. If the client wishes that the embroidery is sewn with their own threads, we can put the cost of threads for a single embroidery in the offer too. Programs may include a Latin or Cyrillic text, according to the client’s choice.

3. We have a big number of ready-made programs /at half price/, among which you could choose the most appropriate for your product. A caption may be added to the chosen embroidery as you wish.
4. Make of handkerchiefs with embroidery for any occasion – weddings, birthdays, name-days, for restaurants, etc. We have available ready-made embroideries for such occasions, but we can also work out a unique program for you only.


For more information, please send us an E-mail or call by phone!

  You are welcome!